About Me

I‘ve always paddled and enjoyed backcountry camping, hiking and being outdoors.

12 years ago, I made my first canoe when we were expecting our first son. I wanted to provide for him a means in his life to take him ‘off the pavement’, with the purpose of slowly, quietly being immersed in nature. I wanted him to feel rhythms of wind and water and to understand how intensely connected and entwined his life is with the ecosystem and the wonders of the wilderness. Then we had another son, so I built him a sea kayak…and that’s how my passion started.

I love to work with wood and building something as useful and beautiful as a canoe for other people to enjoy, to make wonderful memories and basically ‘get off the pavement’ for a while.

I live in the Fleming Heights area of Halifax with my wife Jennifer, two sons, Nathan and Alex with our loyal dog Otis!

Please get in touch:
1 (902) 401-8384